UTA is providing professional expertise and consultancy services in the following sectors


Energy sector is a complex and rather conservative branch of the world economy. The situation with the development of energy sector is not easy in many countries, including Ukraine and other CIS countries. It can be difficult for even experienced specialists to understand the intricacies of regulatory and permissive documentation that is applied in some countries. Transmission and distribution is also a key issue in the implementation of energy transition.

However, an increase in electricity demand calls for sustainability of energy supply and actions aimed at reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. It means the power industry should be looking for ways of producing energy that is cleaner and safer to the environment.

In recent years, much has been said about alternative energy, new approaches have been promoted in relation to energy supply to consumers, many new laws and by-laws have been adopted that regulate the relationship in traditional and alternative energy.

UTA shows credible experience in implementing projects in energy sector, specifically renewables, transmission and distribution, grid studies, and more.

For the energy sector, we offer services in:

  • Transmission and Distribution
  • Power Plants
  • Renewables (Solar PV, Wind Farms, Bioenergy)
  • District Heating
  • Energy Efficiency (buildings, industry)


Water sector is another vital part of the overall infrastructure. Providing safe drinking water and water sanitation to all who are deprived of these benefits today requires significant investments, estimated at billions of dollars a year worldwide.

As with other infrastructure services such as electricity, telecommunications and transport, most developing countries rely on public utilities to finance and maintain water and wastewater networks. However, they usually possess limited financial and human resources. Due to that, the public sector of water services is often underperforming, and the services it provides are of poor quality and coverage.

For the water sector, we offer services in:

  • Water supply
  • Wastewater treatment and sanitation


Municipal infrastructure projects have a serious and overwhelming impact on the environment they are being implemented in. They have a wide-reaching influence on safety, quality of life, the prospective of future development and on the growth of the city and the community.

UTA understands that it is highly important to consider the technical, environmental, social and economic impact of the project, as well as take in mind needs and goals of the community.

For the municipal infrastructure, we offer services in:

  • Street Lighting
  • Transport (incl. railway)
  • Civil Construction
  • Waste Management, and more


Environmental and social evaluation and assessment is one of the important steps when it comes to the implementation of projects that include design, construction, reconstruction and modernization activities.

Our experts, environmental and social specialists and project managers, have the necessary expertise to assess potential liabilities related to land quality, as well as other environmental and health and safety issues. We use the knowledge of up-to-date international and national environmental standards, as well as expertise in performing activities related to environmental and social assessments. In this field, UTA can offer its Clients efficient tools that will help them make the right decisions and consider every aspect of a project that may have an impact on environment and communities.

For the Environmental and Social sector, we offer services in:

  • Environmental and Social Evaluation
  • Environmental and Social Action Plan


The rapid development of Internet and wide spreading of computers and smartphones allows people to perform a majority of day-to-day activities online. That also applies to studying and learning: today, we can have classes and trainings online.

UTA promotes the usage of modern technologies, and has experience in projects that included eLearning. We have the relevant experience in elaboration of trainings, and we know how to work with eLearning systems.

For the IT sector, we offer services in:

  • E-Learning