Our work centers on the fundamental goal of many people – to make the world around us a better place. UTA’s knowledge of engineering and vision of future together create a motivation for actions. 


  • Working intensively with international partners and making new connections
  • Supporting the visibility of UTA on the market and expanding the services
  • Enhancing the services we already provide and mastering new services in various sectors
  • Consolidation of business relationship with credible experts
  • Communicate closely with stakeholders
  • Ensuring we build honest and transparent relationship with our Clients

This is only a small share of the work we perform daily. We see our goal in achieving sustainable development of infrastructure, creating better engineering solutions and building a future where UTA stands for excellence and innovations.



UTA strives to become an internationally known engineering consultancy firm that can offer credible experience and professional solutions. 


  • Work hard on a day-to-day basis
  • Pay careful attention even to the smallest details
  • Make sure the Client is satisfied with our work
  • Meet the Client’s expectations, if not exceed them

We work with well-known international companies, so we know and perceive exactly what we want to become. We make sure all of our employees share the core values of the company to create strong corporate environment.

We believe that it is not the technologies or tools that help us engineer the future; it is the people, and their passion and desire to make the world around them a better place.


UTA is like a jigsaw puzzle: to create a full picture, you need to have all of its pieces brought together. Even those that seem to be small and inessential.

The core values of our company consist of several things, and all of them are equally important. However, to give you a better perspective of UTA, we highlighted the most solemn values that make our company unique in the market:

  • Professionalism: Our Clients can be sure that we know what we do and how to do it. We do not take up tasks we are not able to perform.
  • Client’s Satisfaction: We make sure we have the capacities and the needed expertise to perform our duties and meet the Client’s expectations.
  • Being responsible: When implementing projects in various infrastructure sectors, UTA is acting responsibly in social and environmental matters. UTA fully supports and promotes responsible, sustainable and innovative means of implementation of projects in infrastructure sector.
  • Growing together: The employees of UTA hold trainings and workshops in order to share the most recent innovative solutions and techniques
  • Staying Up to Date: We make sure to use only the most recent methods in implementing projects, and provide our Client with only cutting-edge solutions.

And the last, but not the least: UTA makes sure to promote European ways of managing and implementing the projects.