Consultancy Services

Ukrainian Technology Alliance provides a wide variety of the consultancy services. See below for more details.

UTA operates primarily in Ukraine and CIS (Russian-speaking) countries. It gives a lot of advantages: reasonable costs, language/cultural/legal context, visa-free traveling.

Sectors & Services

UTA operates within the following sectors:

  • Energy (power, district heating, building energy efficiency)
  • Water/wastewater
  • Municipal Infrastructure (above-mentioned + civil construction, transport, waste management)
  • Environment (incl. Environmental and Social Impact Assessment)

Consultancy services cover various stages of the project development:

  • Project identification
  • Guidance of public entities dealing with the IFIs (funding attraction)
  • Feasibility Study development
  • Project Implementation Consultancy (Procurement, disbursements, financial & contract management, technical supervision)


Our customers are:

  • Central & Local authorities (final beneficiaries of the investment projects)
  • International Consulting Firms (subcontracting specific services/experts in the bidding or implementation stage)
  • Private companies (which are implementing investment projects)

Subcontractors Network

UTA maintains its own network of Ukrainian subcontractors in various sectors (see Sectors & Services above). Subcontracting firms join international consultancy companies in bidding stage (to improve local presence in terms of references and experts) and implementation stage (bringing local context, reasonable implementation costs etc). Contact us and let’s see how we can cooperate.